From Notting Hill with Love... Actually (Actually #1)

3304 stars
Ali McNamara

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Title From Notting Hill with Love... Actually (Actually #1)
Rating 3304 stars
Author Ali McNamara
Pages 312
Isbn 1402269498
Review I'm giving this book 5 stars not because it's some kind of groundbreaking masterpiece, but because it's absolutely adorable and perfect read for romantic comedies sucker. I have to admit - I got it as a freebie on Amazon and wasn't hoping for much, but I was nicely surprised. It's good to read book like that from time to time and be completely charmed by the story. It's well written, page-turner about girl, who reminded me of myself a bit. I love romantic comedies, movies in general. I sometimes wish there was some prince charming, who will swept me away from my feet and will make my life a fairytale. Characters in this book are easy to like, they don't really have those oh-so-complicated lives and pasts. They live here and now. I'm already imaging movie made out of this book and who should play who. And it would be good movie! :) There are things in this book, that strike very personal string in me, but that's another thing. I've read it in 3 days (well, 4 maybe), but only because I had to sleep and work :) This book is also very comforting - it makes you think that there's still love in this World... So yes, I loved it!


Books don't make me angry often, but this did. I am furious I paid seven quid for it and it took up space in my suitcase that could have been filled with another book.

This is why Rom Coms have a bad name. Bad, dull, cliched writing: a protagonist so unbearable it's like being stuck in the corner of the xmas party with the office bore, except in your own house, and you're paying for it. The author has stumbled across the GENIUS strategy of interjecting terrible, insanely pointless monologues with that's so funny! It's the way you tell it! Or you're such a character! She even tries to face off criticism with a heroine who can't believe XYZ is SO FASCINATED with my boring story!!!.

Guess what? NEITHER CAN WE.

This treads the fine line between an homage and sheer plagorism. The vapid, shallow heroine references a (usually bad) film three or four times a paragraph. Even the PLOT is just lifted. Within a few chapters she's in 'the' book shop in Notting Hill, she's spilt orange juice down a stranger and been invited to his house. Richard Curtis should be getting his lawyers involved.

Great rom-coms are great because - and there's a clue in the title - they're romantic and funny. This is neither, and it's not fresh or original: it's a scrapbook of other people's work.

This is going straight to a charity bin, and I pity the poor soul who picks it up.

Great that other people like it, but personally my brain needs a good bath immediately.

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